from 02.09.2019 open on weekends only
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Electric cars for sale -50%

Used electric cars with 50% or more discount All our cars are fully functional, max 2-3 months old, almost new. Some of the cars are scratched.  All cars are located in Donovaly. OUR OFFER Elektrické autíčko Ford Ranger Wildtrak Luxury,…

2019 Donovaly news

Also this year we are waiting for our smallest guests with a lot of new attractions. Either is a car wash, or an interactive ATM or cash register, we have it all, to entertain all the kids. And we didn’t…

Free entrance to Donovalkovo

FREE ENTRANCE to Donovalkovo minicity Book your accommodation for 2 or more nights in FAMILY apartments and you get free tickets. Offer valid ONLY for accommodations booked here. No cash value, no refunds. 20% non refundable deposit required. Studio apartment…

Opening hours

Opening hours TERMÍN Opening hours OPEN ON 25.5. – 28.06.2019 10:00 – 17:00 Weekends, holidays and vacations 29.06. – 01.09.2019 10:00 – 18:00 Daily 02.09. – 29.09.2019 10:00 – 17:00 Weekends, holidays and vacations

(Slovenčina) Ponuka práce Donovalkovo

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Fairy tale houses for sale

  We share the feeling of our customers, that children should have a special place of their own to grow and discover. We recognize that today’s laughter will become tomorrow’s memories and we should nurture and cherish these special times.…

(Slovenčina) Otvorenie Donovalkova

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Traffic playground

The Donovalkovo Children’s Traffic Playground is a perfect place for young kids to learn about road safety and traffic rules. To provide realistic traffic simulation, the playground features traffic lights, road signs, road markers, petrol stations, and much more. 3…

Donovalkovo – opening on 1st of July

Right now we are testing our mini city and finishing up with details. We look forward for your visit soon